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Cupio: The Meaning Behind Our Name

March 8, 2023
2 min
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Discover the story behind Cupio, our wish list app's intriguing name! Our founder explains the Latin roots and how it fits our app's purpose & brand.

As one of the two founders of Cupio, I am often asked about the meaning behind our app's name. So I figured, perhaps it's about time we go public with it (not that it's a secret though). So here goes!

Choosing a name for your company is no easy task, which I’m sure any founder would agree on. When it comes to creating a brand name, there are many factors to consider. It should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and most importantly, it should have a deep meaning that aligns with the brand's mission. When we were creating the app, we wanted to come up with a name that embodies the idea of wishing and longing. After researching different words, I stumbled upon the Latin word "cupio" and instantly knew it was the perfect fit for our app.

At first glance, Latin may seem like a dead language, but its influence on modern culture is undeniable. From law to science, medicine and academia, Latin has left its mark on almost every aspect of our lives. Not to mention the huge influence Latin has had on many modern languages, including English, Spanish and French. But unlike languages with specific pronunciations, Latin words can be pronounced in any language. In other words, Latin is a language that transcends borders, making it an ideal choice for a global brand that aims to connect people from different parts of the world.

So what does Cupio mean?

At its most basic level, Cupio translates to "I desire" or "I wish for". This is the essence of what our wish list app is all about - giving people a platform to express their desires and wishes to their loved ones.

But there's more to Cupio than just its literal translation. In Latin literature, Cupio is often associated with passion, longing, and a deep yearning for something. It's a word that embodies the intense emotions and feelings that come with wanting something badly. This is something that we can all relate to - we all have dreams, aspirations, and desires that we long to fulfill.

Put differently, Cupio is not merely a name; it's a philosophy - our philosophy. Cupio (that is, the app) is founded on the core belief that giving and receiving gifts should be a joyful experience, free of stress for both the giver and receiver. Moreover, as a wish list app, one of the greatest benefits of Cupio is the elimination of duplicate gifts, ensuring that the receiver receives only what they desire. I guess it's therefore safe to say, that cupio (that is, the Latin connotation) also represents the very passion and desire we as a team at Cupio have for helping people make their gift-giving experiences more meaningful, less stressful - and ultimately, more joyful.

All the best,

Christian Hartvig

Founder / Cupio